[pre•amble] a preliminary or preparatory statement; an introduction

*or, might I say: [pre] prefix; before (in time, place, order, degree of importance) • [amble] to walk slowly, leisurely; to stroll

Welcome to my pre-amble: a little introduction, an invitation to take a stroll with me through life – mine, yours, the person standing just beside either one of us. There is no set destination, though we may stop at certain points along the way. My goal is simply to keep on ambling [rambling, meandering, perambulating] in hopes of finding something that reminds us all of why this world is so beautiful.

But who am I, and why would you want to amble along with me, pre, post or present? I can’t give you any reason, other than perhaps try to convince you that really, I’m a rather nice person [at times] who might have something interesting to share [once in a while] and who is interested in hearing anything and everything you might want to share with me [always]. Through words, pictures, poetry, the odd sketch or doodle here and there; my hope is that this will be a space in which I can recapture all the flickers and winks of inspiration that exist everywhere, if one only slows down enough to see.

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